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From 9 AM to 3:30 PM the museum is only open to visitors with an online ticket for a particular timeslot. Tickets are made available on the website two months in advance. If you are unable to buy an online ticket, you can always from 3:30 PM until closing time visit the museum and buy a ticket at the museum entrance.

Opening hours & prices

The Anne Frank House is open every day apart from Yom Kippur. From April to October the museum is open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM, while from November to March it is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM (9 PM on Saturdays).



For telephone enquiries call  +31 (0) 20 5567105.

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Visiting conditions

During the visit to the Anne Frank House, the visitor conditions apply. These conditions have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam under no. 33129466.

Read our visiting conditions (pdf)


Resellers of our entrance tickets are active on the internet. They buy up our entrance tickets online, and attempt to sell them at a large profit, often for double the price. This is not permitted. Do not buy tickets from these organisations; you may be refused entry.

The Anne Frank House is a small museum with limited capacity. The demand for tickets is far greater than the number available.

Last entry to the museum is 30 minutes before closing time. Please note that the queue for the Anne Frank House closes earlier. Depending on how busy it is, this can be as much as 2 hours before closing time. 

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30 minute introduction program

The 30 minute program is intended for individuals who like a more in-depth introduction into the story of Anne Frank. You will be provided with an introduction to the Frank family's period in hiding, an explanation of the museum and a brief summary of the activities of the Anne Frank House. Naturally, there is ample opportunity to ask questions. The duration of the introductory program is 30 minutes after which you will visit the house without a guide: 

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We also have special group programs for schools.

NEW: 30 minute introduction program in Hebrew only.

Note: Entry tickets are non-transferable and non-returnable. The tickets are only valid for the date and time you have selected. Expired tickets cannot be used for another date or timeslot.

By buying online tickets, you accept the visiting conditions.

When you get to the museum

You can show your entry ticket with barcode on your smartphone or tablet at the museum entrance, where it will be scanned. Or you can print out your ticket.  All visitors must have their own entry tickets.

Het Anne Frank Huis aan de Prinsengracht. The Anne Frank House at the Prinsengracht.

Opening hours, prices and location Visit the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House, in the center of Amsterdam


Online ticket sales Tickets are made available on the website two months in advance.

From 9 AM to 3:30 PM museum only open to visitors with an online ticket. From 3:30 PM until closing time you can buy a ticket at the entrance.

Anne Frank Huis. Museumbezoekers bekijken de introductiefilm. 
Anne Frank House. Museum visitors are watching the introduction film.

Visiting the museum with children Suggestions

Suggestions for a more pleasant visit

Anne Frank Huis. Bezoekers in het Museumcafé.
Anne Frank House. Visitors in the Museumcafé.

Café Museum café

The museum café is at the end of the museum route.


Visiting conditions

During your visit to the museum, we request you to take into account the rules below...


Museum guide In 12 languages ​

At the museum entrance you will find free guidebooks, available in twelve languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, German,…